Healthy Makeovers That Will Not Ruin Your Beautiful Locks

Makeovers are very common among fashion conscious individuals together regardless of whether they are men or women. However in the process of getting a brand new look. Many of us do not pay attention to the damage that we are exposing our tresses to. Our locks are sensitive and react strongly to any kind of chemical and damaging factor such as harsh sunlight while they absorb nutrition easily from substances that are good for them. Here are some healthy makeover tips that will help keep your tresses safe and still manage to give you that new look you were looking for.

Don’t bleach your locks

We see a lot of different coloured tresses today and the majority of these colours cannot be achieved in their full intensity if the tresses are not lightened or bleached first. Bleaching destroys the strength of hair and renders it brittle, frizzy and dry. It also temporarily changes the structure of locks and makes everything look frizzy and out of control. In the long run, if you are to continue bleaching your tresses you might have to end up cutting it off so they can go fresh again due to all the chemical damage that has happened. Therefore if you need any colours, why not use artificial locks instead that come as blue, green, red, purple or blonde hair extensions among many other colours. You are not damaging your tresses and you have a lot more flexibility as well.

Always follow up on the after care

Once you have had a makeover done, be it re-bonding or perming, make sure that you follow the instructions of your Campbellfield hairdresser and go for the protein mask and conditioning treatment afterwards. It is truly sad that people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars on the makeover but shy away from spending a little bit more for the health of their locks and the longevity of the makeover that they just got done. Don’t think for just a week, think in the long term and protect your tresses with enough nutrition after a harsh treatment.

Use the right products

When getting a makeover done as much as you are tempted to save some cash on the kind of product that you use, please don’t. Always use a brand that has been proven to be good on tresses and also perform an allergy test before using the product so that you can avoid unfortunate accidents if it turns out that you are in fact allergic to the product. If there are good quality, reputed hypoallergenic products available, don’t be afraid to dish out a few extra dollars for it.